Vesuvia is a complex yet entertaining match-3 puzzle game
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Vesuvia is one of the most complex match-3 puzzle games that I tested. It managed to remain interesting and captivating even after I progressed through many of its levels. It introduces new gameplay elements that most other similar match-3 puzzles don’t offer. For example, you don’t only have to match similar tiles, but you also have to match them in such way that you can discover story objects like keys or compasses. There are also combos and special moves that add depth to the gameplay. Furthermore, the story itself is really captivating and interesting. It’s centered around a geologist that has to explore a mysterious island.

Even though it’s complex and feature-rich, it’s not complicated, frustrating or too difficult. There’s a smooth level progression in terms of difficulty, which makes this game suitable for any kind of players, of any age and skill. The graphics are also nice. Though not spectacular or impressive, they’re much better than what the majority of other match-3 puzzle games offer.

In conclusion, Vesuvia is a nice game, suitable not only for the fans of match-3 puzzles, but for any casual gamer. It will offer a truly enjoyable pastime alternative and its price is reasonable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can be played in full screen or in window mode
  • Nice graphics
  • Offers original, additional game play elements
  • Interesting game story


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